Gants Shuttle for you

... essential for intralosigstics

  • Good use of space and high storage density
  • Flexible adaptation to your building
  • Composition of internal flow of goods
  • High reliability / system redundancy
  • Adaptive handling of load
  • Innovative load-pickingsystem
  • energy efficiency (200W/h/shuttle)
  • Cost-effective rail system
  • Self-contained power supply of the shuttle

Shuttle in Action

Visualisation on a Webbrowser

Things to know

The Gant is moving in a rectangular rail-system built in plains. A lift, connected to the rail-system makes the change between the plains possible.

The storage can be build in modular structure, also over corners.

The shuttle is used for ensuring smooth movement of goods. Even a defect occurrs serving the whole storeing is possible. Except one way with the defect shuttle is blocked.

The shuttle-guidance-system allows a dynamic allocation from shuttles to the single processes like arrival, shipping, production, picking and packing,...

The ideal distribution of chargingpoints and the intelligent energymanagement allows 24h operation despite of self-contained power supply of the shuttle.

There are a few posibilities for composing material flow:

  • Linking to classic (even existing) storage and transportation technics
  • Expansion of the railsystem until workingplaces
  • Random combinations of both variants


  • length x width x height = 910 x 680 x 217 mm

Size of load

  • maximal: 400x600xheight (height depends on the shelf-splitting)
  • minimal: 180 x 180 x 50 mm
  • max. load capacity: 50 kg

Special sizes are also possible


  • Velocity up to 4m/s
  • Acceleration and deceleration up to 2m/s²

Innovative load-pickingsystem

The load can be picked up or placed by frictional and form-fitting. So the system provides almost unlimited possibilities to transport cargo.

Energy saving aspects

Due to the low weight there are high driving values possible at the same time of low energy consumption. Caused by using gearless motors for the drives, the reduction of friction loss gives also a raise of engery efficiency.

To complete the modular system are other components available.

  • turntable
  • lifts
  • working places, with or without drive
  • weightbridges
  • Connection to transport systems (existing or new)

In addition, customized designs are possible.