About us

Based on our principle solutions for you we would like to give you a short overview regarding to our service portfolio.

The company CSW solutions GmbH signifies quality, customer orientation, reliability, flexibility, adherence to schedules and professional competence down-the-line in systemintegrations.

Futhermore expansion, revitalisation and maintainance (24h Hotline-Support, repair, sparepartdelivery/service) of every kind of logistics systems, as every kind of the mechanical sector for automatic transportations systems for production and logistics systems.

Our many year of experience in this segment helps us to provide the best available solutions to fulfill wishes and needs of out customers.

Your profit is our specialization in expansion and revitalisation of logistics systems in operation, as well as shuttle systems transportations environment and special machines of automated systems.

Long-term partnerships with customers, employees and suppliers belong to our forward-looking corporate strategy.

We have only met our goal, if your system is performing optimally and perfect. Why settle for anything less?

Job Offer

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As a young and ambitious company we are regularly looking for qualified employees in the fields of:

  • Soft- and Hardwareengineering
  • Coding S7, Beckhoff
  • Hotline- and Service

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